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    If you choose to register on the day, please note that we reserve the right to substitute your shirt colour due to potential sizing and stock limitations.

    XRACE is a team challenge where kids aged 6 - 14 years and their mum or dad (or caregiver) race together, side by side. Grandparents and other relatives/trusted family friends also are welcome to step in to be teammates.

    From 2022, we have added a two-children one-adult team option for XRACE.

    This is for those families that may struggle to make up two single adult-child teams.

    Whilst XRACE is designed for a one–adult one-child team, two-child teams can also enjoy all the challenges on an XRACE course, you just need to adjust your approach to each of the challenges slightly.

    Here are our tips on having a fantastic XRACE with a two-child, one-adult team.

    1. Wherever possible, try and let both children complete the challenge.
    2. If the older child can successfully complete the challenge of the adult, we recommend the parent steps aside altogether and let both children complete the challenge.
    3. If a challenge can be completed by all three team members, we heartily encourage you all to complete the challenge.
    4. Our recommendation is to leave it up to the children in the team to work together and solve all the challenges that make up XRACE.
    5. The very best XRACE experience is when the parents step aside from the decision-making process teams will encounter and leave almost every aspect up to the child. 
    6. Remember to take your camera phone as the parent in the team makes the perfect paparazzi!

    Families of a wide variety of physical fitness abilities enjoy XRACES. Some teams go from the gun and try and chase out an age-group trophy or even the overall win. The majority of families don't. Most families are at XRACE to enjoy the family experience of being outdoors and completing an awesome adventure together as a family. You are more then welcome to walk the whole race if that is your fitness level.

    XRACE is the perfect training goal for your family to run or walk 3-4KM; for many families, XRACE is a huge source of motivation and ultimately, of pride, to train, race and finish together.

    • Read your race week update (sent to you by email in the week prior to your race) carefully.

    • It is important that you arrive 60 minutes before the start of your event to collect your race packs, pick up your transponder and get ready to XRACE.

    • Pay attention to the instructions and rules given during the race briefing (this happens just prior to the first start waves departing)

    • All teams will line up at the start line in order of start waves (e.g. start wave 0 first, start wave 1 behind etc.). One minute before your start waves start gun goes, you collect your first challenge card. Once the start gun goes, anything is possible: you just need to follow the instructions of the XRACE marshals.

    • XRACE is a team event and unless specifically required by a challenge, you must stay together as a team at all times – i.e. parent and child.

    You will be provided with an XRACE t-shirt which must be worn during the competition. You must also wear the provided transponder (timing chip).

    XRACE challenges may involve water, mud and physical exertion, so we recommend you dress appropriately in clothes you don't mind getting dirty, covered toe shoes and your swimming togs underneath your clothing in case you encounter a water challenge.

    Checklist of what you should bring along:

    • Comfortable athletic clothing – like shorts, running shoes and cap

    • Towel

    • Pen or pencil

    • Sunscreen

    • Water bottle

    • Raincoat – if it rains, we race and get wet

    • Change of clothing for after your XRACE

    • Picnic for team and family supporters for after XRACE. Prize giving is held straight after the last team crosses the line.

    • Your own medication if required

    Check out your city's event page for more info about your race and what to bring.

    Yes, there is a monitored Bag Drop tent where you can leave a bag while you race.

    Mobile phones or electronic devices may get wet during the event. Please apply discretion.


    Please no pets at this event.

    This is a drug and alcohol free event. We are also smoke free.

    To ensure a stress-free race day, you should aim to arrive 60 minutes ahead of your wave XRACE start time. This will give you plenty of time to park, walk to the start, pick up your race pack and transponders.

    *Nippers start 30 minutes prior to the main XRACE start, so give yourself extra time if you are also participating in that.

    *If you have already received your race pack in the mail and don't have any Nippers, you can aim to arrive approximately 30 minutes before the main XRACE start time.

    *If something comes up and you're running late, just collect your packs and transponders and start in a later start wave.

    We love dogs too, but we ask you to please leave your pets at home for XRACE. Service dogs are welcome.

    For 2016 and beyond, we have changed the age limits of children in a team. The youngest age is up to you. 7 is the recommended age but if you feel your 6 year-old child can handle the course, this is up to you. It is probably a bit much for a 5-year old but again, all kids are ready at different ages so we will leave the final call up to you. The oldest age has now moved out to 14 years of age. So, for some teams it’s “one more time around the course.” Parents/caregivers must be 18+.

    14-year-olds can now enter XRACE as a child in a team (age is at race day). 15 Year olds can now race as the adult in the team with a younger sibling.

    Yes, parent can decide whether they are ready for XRACE or they can enter Nippers.

    The Nippers entry fee is $15 plus the booking fee. NIPPERS is open to children aged 6 and under on race day.

    Included in the entry fee is:

    -XRACE finisher medal and the first 400 Nippers registered get a size 4 Nippers shirt.

    Nippers start approximately 30 minutes before the main XRACE. You can easily complete the nippers before the main XRACE event begins. At that point, you join with your older child and take on the XRACE challenge. Please note, we do not have any childcare facilities for looking after nippers.

    Yes, you will have time to do both events.

    This one is over to you. There are no lower limits to Nippers. You can follow your Nipper the whole way around! The upper limit is 5. Visit the nippers page here.

    XRACE should take most teams between 45 and 90 minutes to complete.

    Race pack collection/pick up is where you get all your race materials so you are fully ready to participate in the event. Your pack includes your XRACE shirts and any other merchandise you ordered. Bring your E-ticket number with you to retrieve your pack. It’s one pack per family. Nippers items will also be included in your family's pack.

    Each team member must pick up their timing transponder (timing chip) at the transponder pick up table located next to the race pack pick up zone. Once you have retrieved your transponders, you must tie them onto your shoelaces. At the end of the race, you will return your transponders at the finish chute exit point.

    The billing name on your credit card statement is ‘BRAND NEW DAY LTD'

    If you did not purchase merchandise at the time of registration, you can visit event the Late Registration tent to purchase items on race day. At this time there is no standalone merchandise store.

    Yes. If you have registered for an XRACE event and cannot make it, not a worry: you can transfer to any other event in the series free of charge. Please go to our Contact Us page.

    Yes, you can enter with another adult family member, over the age of 18, as a Deputy Mum or Deputy Dad.

    No, XRACE is for teams of two people only – one child and one parent.

    XRACE is a race. At Brand New Day we believe in winners AND losers. Each XRACE gets a full online timing results sheet, with competitors split by age group. Click here for the results page.

    Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook as we have created our own dedicated XRACE Facebook page which is how you will find your XRACE photos and results. Click here to go to our Facebook page.

    We strongly believe XRACE is for everyone. XRACE always strives for its design to be inclusive. The XRACE community embraces all abilities. Please contact us with plenty of advance notice so we can make sure we are able to accommodate you. Check out our awesome VIDEOS PAGE for some awesome kids that nailed XRACE.

    On the entry form is a place for you to write down the medical or physical condition. We request that you contact us and outline the condition if there is not enough room on the entry form. Please make sure our team know about it. We need to make sure that you will be safe on the day!

    XRACE always strives for its design to be inclusive for all families; our XRACE community embraces all abilities and encourages sportsmanship and friendly competition.

    If you or your child does not feel well during the course of the event, please let a volunteer or official know straight away. They will be able to look after you and help you to receive attention from the medical or first aid staff on site.

    We cannot guarantee that there will be water stations along your particular race course, so please bring a water bottle with you (many teams wear a backpack around the course with water and extra layers).

    There will be water stations at the finish area for you to fill up your water bottles - please note, in an effort to be more sustainable we do not provide cups.

    You will receive an email of confirmation once you have registered for XRACE (be sure to enter the correct email when you register).

    Registration for 2022 races is now open. There are limited places for each event, so register as soon as you are able.

    Yes. At each event there are limited places so you will need to get in early to avoid being disappointed.

    No. Entries can only be made online. Please note that we only accept Visa & MasterCard. You may also enter on race day, cash only.

    You may enter as many XRACE events as you like. As mentioned earlier, XRACE events all have a competitor limit to them, so to guarantee a place on a start line somewhere, get in early! Please be aware that in order to be fair to all teams, we have a policy regarding winning trophies if entering multiple events (see details below) .

    There is no multiple event entry discount.

    Any child that races in more than one XRACE event per season is only eligible to win a trophy the very first XRACE they enter for the season. To win a trophy, either age-group or overall, it must be the first XRACE they have entered this season. We welcome teams that want to compete again to enjoy their XRACE but please come forward and excuse yourselves from any merit trophies. This rule has been instated to keep the race line with XRACE values of fun and fairness. Thank you for this in advance.

    No, you just need to bring yourselves. On the Wednesday before your event, your Race Week Update will be posted at your location page and will include for a checklist of what to bring.

    Shirt sizes are non-changeable. Our XRACE t-shirt size guides are at the bottom of this page. Please select the correct size accordingly.

    If it rains, the race goes ahead and we get wet. Some of our most enjoyable XRACES have been in the rain! Dress appropriately with lots of layers and bring a plastic bag or waterproof bag to ensure that your belongings stay dry at the Bag Drop.

    On rainy days we do our best to adjust our challenges to the weather conditions. The only time we cancel or postpone a race is if there is a severe weather warning according to Metservice (see below).

    If weather conditions make an event unsafe, we will switch the race to the nearest possible date. This date will be mid-week or possibly even a day earlier where possible.

    We will notify by text, email, and Facebook of any date or time changes. As is industry standard, we are unable to provide refunds due to unforeseen date changes.

    We cancel only if there is a severe weather warning according to Metservice, and will notify competitors through the channels mentioned above.

    Absolutely! XRACE has no specific training, however, you should be able to comfortably walk or jog 3-4km. The best way to train for an XRACE is to get outside and start playing.

    We aim to provide you and your child with the safest possible event. There are volunteers who are there to assist as you should need it. Our volunteers will be wearing bright yellow safety vests, so they will be easy to spot.

    If you or your child has a medical and/or physical condition that may require assistance during the course, make sure that you tell us on your entry form when you register. This way, we can advise and make sure our crew or volunteers are there to help you if you need it.

    In order to maintain absolute safety at all events we do ask that spectators please refrain from walking, running or sitting on any part of the course. Please listen and obey all officials on the course. They are there to assist in your participation in a fun and safe event.

    Finally, only a parent can decide if a child attempts a challenge. No one else.