We are proud to run an ambassador program which we feel fits perfectly in with the values of XRACE. The ambassador program is about working together with our biggest XRACE fans, the diehard kids that love XRACE and willing to helping promote XRACE in their school.

Here is what we're looking for in an XRACE ambassador. We are looking for outgoing kids. Our ambassadors will need to have the level of self-confidence to give out entry forms to all the classes in their school and as an option, discuss how XRACE works.

It's not all work: we reward our XRACE ambassadors and their school with a fantastic pack that includes:



·         A $10 discount for families from your school to their local XRACE.

·         Courier delivery of all school race packs to your school the week before your XRACE (minimum 10 teams from your school).

·         All families from your school leave in the same wave(s).

·         Free teacher team entries. (Refer below).

·         School flags valued at $600. (Refer conditions below).


·        Free entry for the AMBASSADOR and their team-mate.

·        XRACE Bucket hat and sunglasses to go with their race entry for all .

·        Wave zero start for all teams in their family (or go with your school).

·        Acknowledgement at prize giving.

·        $45 XRACE hoodie for the child if your school registers ten or more teams. These hoodies are limited edition and reserved only for Ambassadors.

In addition, we have organized a fantastic package if your school gets right into their local XRACE. If your school registers more than 10 teams – we will organize a fantastic flag package worth $600. These flags are 3M high, custom designed with school logo or anything else you want on them.

The flag package includes poles and bases and will be ready, waiting and flying proudly at your XRACE for you to all assemble at. They are then all yours to take home with you.


As well as all the benefits and discounts an ambassador brings to their school, there is one additional twist. Teachers from an ambassador school can team together and race the family teams from their school. This way, when the school waves go off together - in this group could be teachers from your school.

Each team must comprise of two teachers from the same school.

This team race together exactly like a family team except it is made up of two adults. They must complete all challenges just like you do except they are not eligible for any age group awards.

However, they will appear in the results so you will see how quick (or slowly) the teachers are from your team, racing their pupils at exactly the same time and place.

Don’t worry, teachers are not eligible for any awards.

We love the idea of your teachers knowing exactly what you experience when you do an XRACE, this way they can understand all our XRACE teams that little bit more.

Teacher teams have their own special registration.

Click here to register a SCHOOL TEACHER TEAM