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    Stephens family

    And we’re way! The 2023 XRACE Australia season got underway at the weekend. Queensland turned on the sun for our season opener’s in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

    After the Brisbane event an XRACE mum, Dana Stephens came over to the tent and we discussed their day. Her husband, Jason (pictured with family) came over to the tent and joined in the chatter.

    We discussed last year’s Gold Coast event to this year’s Brisbane event.

    Jason chimed in “that wasn’t a particularly good race for me, I had just come off three days of chemotherapy and as we were running over the bridge, I lost my lunch.”

    With that, our team drew a deep breath.

    We have always said you can never know what the team right next to you might be going through.

    We chatted on and Jason wandered back to his teammates, Lachy and Lily.

    I quietly asked Dana what is the prognosis for Jason?

    “Terminal.” Was her only reply.

    I took pause, looking into the eyes of a stoic, resilient woman.

    “It is what it is”. She said and another pause followed.

    I asked another helpless question, “what do you do when you get news like this?”

    “Create memories” she replied and with that, nothing more need be said.

    We are so proud to be able to tell this story with both Jason and Dana’s permission.

    While no one can know what is around the corner, Jason does.

    I can tell you personally, if I got the same news as Jason, I would be out there doing exactly the same thing: getting tripped on tree roots blindfolded and creating the most magical secret handshake the world has ever seen, while racing side-by-side with the greatest teammates on the planet.

    To the Stephens family from all our XRACE families in Australia and New Zealand.

    Go get more memories - we wish your family every courage and strength.

    Thank you for letting us share your story.
    Shane Hooks, series creator.