**XRACE Melbourne postponed 24 hours.**

Published 8 AM Saturday, December 2.

The decision has been reached and we are postponing XRACE Melbourne for 24 hours. We will now be proceeding at 3 PM on Sunday. All wave start times remain unchanged.

Our primary concern is that there is a minor flood warning advisory in place for metropolitan Melbourne. Whilst this will not impact on the race site and the game zone, there is still the chance of disruption for our families getting out to Elwood Park.

We have weighed this up will with a considerably better weather forecast for Sunday with the worst of the weather is expected to well through by 3 PM tomorrow.

We do not reach this decision lightly.

Please note in the photo, we have taken the liberty of moving race packet and transponder collection a few hundred metres to the east of the start line. This area has solid shelter in case of ongoing rain.

For tomorrow, please allow extra time for your journey to the event site.

This is our final weather advisory for XRACE Melbourne. We will be ready and waiting for your families tomorrow at 3 PM.

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