Need more time?

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Do you think your team may take a bit longer or need extra time?

Hi this very important update for those teams that may be a little bit self-conscious about how long it will take to get around an XRACE course. We fully respect and admire every single team that lines up in our start house and we want your day to be as special as possible.

If you feel self-conscious about anything - your size or level of your fitness or you feel that you would like to approach the course super slowly and work with your child without any time pressure, we have a positive solution for yout team.

All you need to do is complete the form below.

Let us know what event you are doing and we will override your transponder code to allow you to start much earlier in the first few waves. This way, you have so much more time to focus on getting the most out of every challenge for your team.

At XRACE, we celebrate just as much with the people down the back as we do the teams at the front.

We are just super proud of every team and every single person is 1000% welcome start house. See you at your XRACE.

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