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    2 Children with 1 Adult

    From 2022, XRACE welcomes a two-child and one-adult team. We fully understand that in some families, there may only be one adult caregiver and more than one child. This option is now available and you can register by completing your details below.

    Whilst XRACE is designed for a one–adult one-child team, two-child teams can also enjoy all the challenges on an XRACE course, you just need to adjust your approach to each of the challenges slightly.

    Here are our tips on having a fantastic XRACE with a two-child, one-adult team.

    1. Wherever possible, try and let both children complete the challenge.
    2. If the older child can successfully complete the challenge of the adult, we recommend the parent steps aside altogether and let both children complete the challenge.
    3. If a challenge can be completed by all three team members, we heartily encourage you all to complete the challenge.
    4. Our recommendation is to leave it up to the children in the team to work together and solve all the challenges that make up XRACE.
    5. The very best XRACE experience is when the parents step aside from the decision-making process teams will encounter and leave almost every aspect up to the child.
    6. Remember to take your camera phone as the parent in the team makes the perfect paparazzi!

    It also is important to note that any child registered in a two-child one-adult team, will be ineligible for the overall trophy or age-group awards. This is to allow complete consistency across the event. 

    Register by completing your details below.